3PL Firm Signs 983 KSF Savannah Lease Commercial Property ...

3PL Firm Signs 983 KSF Savannah Lease  Commercial Property ...

Plastic Express has leased a 982,800-square-foot facility at Central Port Logistics Center in Savannah, Georgia, marking the first phase of a planned 5.5 million square feet industrial park. The $155 million investment includes a rail-served site with significant storage and export capacity for plastic products. The logistics center expansion comes amid robust industrial activity in the Savannah region.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Leasing for 3PL Firms

Q1: What is a 3PL firm?

A1: A 3PL (third-party logistics) firm is a company that provides outsourced logistics services to other businesses, including warehousing, transportation, distribution, and fulfillment services.

Q2: What does a commercial lease entail for a 3PL firm?

A2: A commercial lease for a 3PL firm typically involves renting space in a warehouse or distribution center to operate their logistics and fulfillment operations. The lease agreement will outline the terms, including the lease duration, rental rates, and any specific obligations or allowances for property improvements and usage.

Q3: What is significant about a 3PL firm signing a 983 KSF lease?

A3: Signing a lease for 983,000 square feet (KSF) indicates that the 3PL firm is acquiring a substantial amount of space, possibly to accommodate a large-scale logistics operation. This could imply a significant business expansion and might impact local job markets as well as supply chain dynamics in the region.

Q4: Why is Savannah an attractive location for 3PL firms?

A4: Savannah, Georgia, is home to one of the largest and fastest-growing ports in the United States, the Port of Savannah. Its strategic location and the presence of a major port make it an attractive hub for 3PL firms looking to minimize transportation times and costs, optimize distribution channels, and connect to global trade routes.

Q5: How does the size of a lease impact a 3PL firm's operations?

A5: The size of a lease can directly affect a 3PL firm's capacity to store goods, manage inventory, and handle order fulfillment for its clients. A larger space enables the company to serve more customers, increase efficiency, and potentially offer more complex or specialized services.