A massive US solar panel maker just went all in on panel recycling [update]

A massive US solar panel maker just went all in on panel recycling [update]

Solar recycling company SOLARCYCLE has partnered with solar panel maker Qcells to open the US's first plant that manufactures new solar glass out of recycled materials. The $344 million factory, located in Cedartown, Georgia, will have a capacity to produce 5 to 6 gigawatts of solar glass annually and is expected to create over 600 new full-time jobs. SOLARCYCLE will recycle old solar panels, manufacture new solar glass, and sell it back to US solar panel makers. The partnership allows for the reuse of materials from Qcells' panels to manufacture clean energy products.

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FAQs on US Solar Panel Recycling Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which massive US solar panel maker has committed to panel recycling?

A: A significant solar panel maker in the US has not been specifically named in the provided content, but SOLARCYCLE, a company mentioned by Electrek, is involved in extracting raw materials from solar panels for recycling.

Q: What will SOLARCYCLE do with the raw materials from EDF Renewables' solar panels?

A: SOLARCYCLE will sell the recycled materials to other solar manufacturers once they have extracted them from EDF Renewables' solar panels.

Q: If homeowners have solar panels to dispose of or recycle, what should they do?

A: Homeowners should contact their state/local recycling agencies for more information on the disposal and recycling of their solar panels.

Q: What is the regulation on PV module manufacturers that started from July 1, 2023?

A: Beginning July 1, 2023, PV module manufacturers are required to finance the takeback and reuse or recycling of PV modules sold.

Q: How is the US Department of Energy supporting solar recycling and manufacturing?

A: The US Department of Energy has invested $82 million in 19 innovative projects across 12 states to enhance US solar manufacturing and recycling capabilities.

Q: Are there any solar panel recycling programs in the United States?

A: Yes, some states, such as Washington, have specific programs for PV module collection and recycling, and manufacturers are required to participate in these programs.

Q: How does the US address the environmental impact of solar energy?

A: The U.S. Energy Information Administration discusses the importance of recycling materials used to manufacture PV cells and panels. Several states have initiatives and policies in place regarding this matter.