Accenture Expands Partnership with SAP to Help Clients Establish ...

Accenture Expands Partnership with SAP to Help Clients Establish ...

Accenture announced a collaboration with SAP SE to create a supply chain nerve center that aims to enhance visibility and reduce risk for organizations. The nerve center utilizes cloud, data, artificial intelligence, and analytics to provide transparency and actionable insights. Accenture and SAP plan to co-develop new capabilities for the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution. The initiative has an initial focus on consumer products, high tech, industrial manufacturing, and automotive industries. Accenture has already developed over 30 industry use cases for the supply chain nerve center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has Accenture acquired to expand its SAP digital design capabilities in Australia?

Answer: Accenture has acquired Bourne Digital, effectively expanding their SAP digital design capabilities in Australia.

2. How is Accenture collaborating with SAP to help organizations?

Answer: Accenture is collaborating with SAP to help organizations adopt digital solutions and enhance their business processes. This initiative builds on a four-decade alliance partnership between the two companies.

3. How long has the Accenture-SAP partnership been in existence?

Answer: The Accenture-SAP partnership has been in existence for over four decades.

4. What is the focus of the extended partnership between Accenture and SAP?

Answer: The extended partnership between Accenture and SAP focuses on helping companies embed sustainability in their core business processes and across their value and supply chains.

5. What are some key initiatives or areas that Accenture is focusing on through their partnerships or acquisitions?

Answer: Accenture is focusing on expanding its Salesforce capabilities, investing in satellite data access through Open Cosmos, enhancing digital solutions with SAP, and expanding technology business management through the acquisition of Advocate Networks, LLC.

6. Has Accenture invested in businesses outside of traditional IT and consulting spaces recently?

Answer: Yes, Accenture has invested in Open Cosmos to expand access to satellite data, which demonstrates an interest outside of their traditional IT and consulting focus.

7. How does Accenture's partnership with SAP benefit clients?

Answer: The partnership benefits clients by accelerating the development of SAPĀ® Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain capabilities, helping them establish more efficient and integrated supply chain management processes.

8. Where can I find official press releases and updates about Accenture's activities?

Answer: Official press releases and updates can be found on the Accenture Newsroom website.

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