Add Supply Chain Labor Risks to Corporate Counsel's Checklist

Add Supply Chain Labor Risks to Corporate Counsel's Checklist

Business experts recommend companies address hidden labor risks in their supply chains. Global firms face risks such as pandemics, political instability, and labor issues. US companies are advised to comply with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Customs and Border Protection is enforcing the law, leading to delays in product deliveries. Labor chapters in trade agreements also pose challenges for companies. Supply chain labor compliance programs are crucial.

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FAQ - Add Supply Chain Labor Risks to Corporate Counsel's Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the main focus of the article "Add Supply Chain Labor Risks to Corporate Counsel's Checklist"?

A1: The article focuses on the recommendations provided by Kevin Kolben from Rutgers Business School on the steps companies should take to locate and address hidden labor risks within their supply chains.

Q2: Who is the intended audience for this article?

A2: The intended audience is corporate counsel and legal advisors who are responsible for the management of supply chain risks within their companies.

Q3: Why are labor risks in supply chains important for corporate counsel to consider?

A3: Labor risks in supply chains can lead to legal liabilities, reputational damage, and potential disruptions to business operations. Thus, it is important for corporate counsel to be proactive in identifying and mitigating these risks.

Q4: What kind of steps might Kevin Kolben recommend for addressing supply chain labor risks?

A4: While the specific steps are not detailed in the search results, it is likely that Kevin Kolben would recommend conducting thorough due diligence, implementing monitoring and compliance measures, and ensuring transparency and accountability within the supply chain.

Q5: How can corporate counsel benefit from Bloomberg Law resources?

A5: Corporate counsel can benefit from Bloomberg Law resources by gaining critical insights, expert-written analysis, how-to guidance, and checklists provided to navigate pressing legal developments, including supply chain labor risks and other areas of concern.

For the complete list of steps and detailed recommendations proposed by Kevin Kolben, you may access the full article on Bloomberg Law's website through this link: Add Supply Chain Labor Risks to Corporate Counsel's Checklist.