AFS Logistics named a top employer for women in transportation for ...

AFS Logistics named a top employer for women in transportation for ...

AFS Logistics has been recognized as a Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation by the Women in Trucking Association (WIT) for the third year in a row. Women make up 55% of AFS's team, compared to the industry average of 41%. The company supports women in advancing their careers through mentorship programs, training, flexible scheduling, and competitive compensation. AFS is also offering scholarships to encourage the next generation of supply chain professionals. The recognition program by WIT aims to highlight companies that prioritize gender diversity and provide opportunities for women in the transportation industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recognition AFS Logistics received?

A: AFS Logistics has been named a top employer for women in transportation.

Q: How was this recognition determined?

A: The recognition is based on an evaluation of criteria set forth by organizations such as the Women In Trucking Association (WIT).

Q: Is this the first time AFS Logistics has received this recognition?

A: No, AFS Logistics has been selected as a top company for women to work for in transportation for multiple years.

Q: Where can I find more information about this recognition?

A: For more information, you can visit the official websites or press releases of AFS Logistics, the Women In Trucking Association, or other logistics-related organizations.