Agritech company ONO raises Rs 11 crore in seed funding round to empower supply chain

Agritech company ONO raises Rs 11 crore in seed funding round to empower supply chain

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ONO Agri-tech FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Agri-tech company ONO

1. What is ONO, and what does the company do?

- ONO is an agri-tech company that focuses on empowering the agricultural supply chain by providing innovative solutions that offer inclusive economic growth opportunities for farmers.

2. How much funding did ONO raise in its recent seed funding round?

- ONO raised Rs 11 crore (approximately $1.3 million) in its recent seed funding round.

3. Who led the seed funding round for ONO?

- The seed funding round for ONO was led by Aeravti Ventures.

4. What is the purpose of the funds raised by ONO?

- The funds raised by ONO will be used to boost and empower the agricultural supply chain, potentially improving the economic prospects of farmers.

5. Did ONO have any other participants in its seed funding round apart from Aeravti Ventures?

- The search results do not provide specific information about other participants in the seed funding round besides Aeravti Ventures.

6. As of the last funding round, what is the total amount of funding that ONO has received?

- The search results specifically mention the Rs 11 crore raised in the seed funding round, but they do not provide a total amount of funding received by ONO including any previous rounds.

7. When did ONO close its last funding round?

- According to Crunchbase, ONO closed its last funding round on April 3, 2024.

8. How will ONO's funding impact farmers?

- The funding is reportedly aimed at creating cropping price and mandi (market) discovery platforms, which could help farmers with better pricing and market access, thereby empowering them financially and operationally.

9. What does this funding mean for India's agritech landscape?

- This funding indicates ongoing investment interest in India's agritech sector and suggests that companies like ONO could play a crucial role in transforming the agricultural supply chain, leading to more efficient and profitable operations for farmers.

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