Ahold Delhaize USA works on sustainability, traceability in shrimp supply chain

Ahold Delhaize USA works on sustainability, traceability in shrimp supply chain

ADUSA, part of the Shrimp Decarbonization Initiative by Thai Union Group, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the shrimp supply chain. The program, developed with The Nature Conservancy, targets producing 1,000 metric tons of sustainably sourced shrimp. The shrimp will be traceable from hatchery to shipment and sold at ADUSA's Food Lion and Hannaford stores. Thai Union plans to scale efforts to other shrimp farms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What initiative is Ahold Delhaize USA part of to improve sustainability in the shrimp supply chain?

Answer: Ahold Delhaize USA (ADUSA) is part of the Shrimp Decarbonization Initiative. This program is initiated by the major seafood supplier Thai Union Group and aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of shrimp production.

FAQ 2: What is the goal of the Shrimp Decarbonization Initiative?

Answer: The initiative's goal is to significantly decarbonize the shrimp supply chain, aiming to enhance sustainability measures.

FAQ 3: How is Ahold Delhaize USA contributing to seafood sustainability?

Answer: Ahold Delhaize USA is integrating sustainability and traceability into their seafood procurement practices. This includes a focus on the transparency of their shrimp supply chains, often in partnership with organizations like Trace Register.

FAQ 4: What tools does Ahold Delhaize USA use for traceability?

Answer: Ahold Delhaize USA partners with Trace Register to document sustainability credentials throughout their shrimp supply chain, ensuring traceability from farm to fork.

FAQ 5: Is there an environmental concern with farmed seafood in the U.S.?

Answer: Generally, most farmed seafood industries based in the U.S. are said to have solid environmental sustainability credentials. However, Ahold Delhaize USA is committed to continuously improving its supply chains' sustainability across various regions.

FAQ 6: What are Ahold Delhaize USA's health and sustainability goals?

Answer: As of February 11, 2021, Ahold Delhaize USA has set new health and sustainability goals focused on establishing a more sustainable food supply chain. This includes enhancing sustainability in the seafood supply chain, amongst other food categories.

FAQ 7: Are there any guidelines that Ahold Delhaize follows for product safety and sustainability?

Answer: Yes, Ahold Delhaize has published "Own Brand Product Safety and Sustainability Guidelines and Standards," which outline their commitments and practices for ensuring the safety and sustainability of their products.

FAQ 8: How is Stop & Shop, an Ahold Delhaize USA brand, contributing to sustainability?

Answer: Stop & Shop aims to lead the industry in traceability and is focused on driving clear transparency in the supply chain to support sustainable products.