Ananta Islam, Körber Business Area Supply Chain | Brent Poulton, Cromer Material Handling.

Ananta Islam, Körber Business Area Supply Chain | Brent Poulton, Cromer Material Handling.

Ananta Islam has been appointed as the new CEO and region president Americas of Körber Business Area Supply Chain. Islam has previous experience in senior leadership roles in North America. Brent Poulton has been named president of Cromer Material Handling. Poulton joins Cromer after serving as COO at Naumann Hobbs Material Handling. These appointments aim to strengthen positioning and growth in the North American market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Ananta Islam in connection with Körber Business Area Supply Chain?

Answer: Ananta Islam is mentioned as the Chief Executive Officer and Region President for the Americas at Körber Business Area Supply Chain. [source]

2. What role does Brent Poulton hold at Cromer Material Handling?

Answer: Brent Poulton is the President of Cromer Material Handling. [source]

3. What is Körber Business Area Supply Chain known for?

Answer: Although the search result snippet does not provide detailed information on Körber Business Area Supply Chain, it likely refers to the division within Körber AG that specializes in supply chain solutions, technologies, and related services. (Note: You might need to search for additional information to confirm and expand upon the specific services and solutions offered by Körber Business Area Supply Chain.)

4. What products and services are provided by Cromer Material Handling?

Answer: The search result snippet does not specify the products and services offered by Cromer Material Handling, but based on the context, it could deal with material handling equipment such as forklifts and might offer leasing, sales, and service of such equipment. (Note: Further research is needed to provide a precise and accurate answer.)

5. Can you provide a brief overview of the feature article mentioning Ananta Islam and Brent Poulton?

Answer: The article from appears to feature insights or information concerning container attachments and the role they play in the world of logistics, with mentions of industry professionals such as Ananta Islam and Brent Poulton. However, the snippet does not provide full details of the article's content. To get a complete picture, one should read the full article. [source]

6. Where can I find more information about the professional profiles of Ananta Islam and Brent Poulton?

Answer: More information about Ananta Islam and Brent Poulton's professional profiles might be found on their respective company websites, LinkedIn profiles, or other business-oriented publications, as the provided links do not give comprehensive background details.

Please note that the answers provided here are based solely on the information available in the search result snippets. For more in-depth information, you should consider visiting the respective company websites or looking for additional articles and press releases about these individuals and their roles within their companies.