APIIC Releases Recommendations to Combat Rising U.S. Drug Shortages and Ensure Access to LifeSaving ...

APIIC Releases Recommendations to Combat Rising U.S. Drug Shortages and Ensure Access to LifeSaving ...

A consortium of biotechnology industry leaders is calling for the formation of a public supply-chain entity to combat the rising rate of drug shortages. A whitepaper from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Innovation Center outlines recommendations for reshoring the manufacture of life-saving pharmaceuticals. The report urges public and private sectors to collaborate to overcome challenges to Americans' access to essential medications, such as price erosion and manufacturing offshoring. Currently, the majority of the nation's generic drugs and frequently prescribed antivirals and antibiotics rely on APIs manufactured offshore. The report encourages the adoption of advanced biomanufacturing technologies to address these vulnerabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

APIIC Releases Recommendations to Combat Rising U.S. Drug Shortages

Q: What has APIIC done to address U.S. drug shortages?

A: APIIC has released a set of recommendations with the aim to combat the rising drug shortages in the United States and ensure access to life-saving medications for patients in need.

Q: Where can I find the full recommendations made by APIIC?

A: Business Wire has reported on the release of these recommendations, but you would need to visit their website or the links provided in the search results above to access the complete details.

Q: What prompted APIIC to release these recommendations?

A: The continuous and rising rate of drug shortages in the U.S., which threatens patient care and access to essential medications, has prompted APIIC to formulate and release these recommendations.

Q: Can you provide a summary of the APIIC recommendations?

A: The search results do not provide a detailed summary of the recommendations. However, you can refer to the full article on Business Wire or similar reporting outlets for an in-depth overview.

Q: Are the APIIC's recommendations focused on any specific area of biomanufacturing?

A: Yes, APIIC's recommendations are aimed at improving American biomanufacturing with a goal to reduce drug shortages and improve the reliability of the supply chain.

Q: How recent are the APIIC recommendations on U.S. drug shortages?

A: The recommendations were released recently according to the timestamps in the search results, with one article mentioning "11 hours ago," although the exact date should be verified through the Business Wire article for pinpoint accuracy.

Q: How significant is the problem of drug shortages in the U.S.?

A: The problem is significant enough that immediate formation of a public supply has been advocated in the recommendations, indicating that the issue has serious implications for public health and access to medications.

Q: How can I stay updated on the developments regarding this issue?

A: You can track updates and discussions by following Business Wire and other financial or healthcare news platforms that cover developments related to APIIC's recommendations and the situation on U.S. drug shortages.

Please note that this FAQs list is generated based on the information available from the search results and may not cover all details found in the full report or recommendations by APIIC. For more comprehensive information, it would be recommended to read the full Business Wire article or consult APIIC directly.