Apple to ramp up Indian workforce, shift supply chain from China: Report

Apple to ramp up Indian workforce, shift supply chain from China: Report

Apple plans to increase its Indian workforce to 500,000 in three years, shifting half of its China-based supply chain to India, focusing on local value addition. The company aims to raise domestic value addition from 11-12 percent to 15-18 percent. Apple has significantly expanded its presence in India in manufacturing and retail, now assembling older and newer iPhone models in the country.

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FAQ - Apple to ramp up Indian workforce, shift supply chain from China: Report

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Apple ramping up its workforce in India?

Apple is ramping up its workforce in India as part of its efforts to diversify its manufacturing supply chain and reduce its reliance on China. This move is influenced by factors such as the U.S.-China trade war and disruptions caused by Covid-19.

2. What reports indicate Apple's progress in India?

Recent reports suggest that Apple has successfully streamlined assembly operations in India. Specifically, it has been indicated that Apple assembled iPhones worth $14 billion in the region.

3. How is the U.S.-China trade war affecting Apple's supply chain?

The U.S.-China trade war has motivated Apple to push its suppliers to shift part of its supply chain outside of China. This is to mitigate risks associated with tariffs and geopolitical tensions.

4. What are some challenges Apple faces in its manufacturing shift to India?

According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple's manufacturing shift to India has encountered stumbling blocks. These challenges are partly due to the pressure to unwind its China-oriented supply chain strategy amidst Covid-related disruptions.

5. Has Apple made any investments in countries other than India for its supply chain diversification?

Yes, Apple and its suppliers have driven a diversification effort with investments in countries like India and Vietnam. The company is also increasing procurement from regions outside of China.

6. What incentives has the Indian government offered to Apple?

The Indian government has made offers to tech companies like Apple, likely including incentives to develop a local manufacturing base and workforce capable of producing Apple products.

7. Are there any implications for consumers due to the shift in Apple's supply chain?

The ongoing shift in Apple's supply chain due to US-China tensions may potentially lead to higher prices for consumers as reported by Bloomberg News.

These answers are based on information from the given search results and may not fully represent the entirety of Apple's plans or current status, which can change over time.