As America's Military Rearms, It Needs Minerals—and Lots of Them ...

As America's Military Rearms, It Needs Minerals—and Lots of Them ...

The US military is ramping up its production of weapons to replenish stocks and prepare for potential conflicts, particularly with China. This includes transitioning to modern platforms and rearming with legacy munitions. However, the mineral supply chains necessary for these efforts are at risk due to overwhelming demand and possible supply disruption. The Department of Defense needs to refine its approach to mineral stockpiling and engagement with mining and refining to ensure a secure supply. Copper, lithium, graphite, and other minerals are crucial for munitions and modern platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As America's Military Rearms, It Needs Minerals—and Lots of Them

1. Why does America's military require a large quantity of minerals?

Answer: America's military utilizes a variety of minerals in the manufacturing and deployment of its weaponry and technology. For example, copper is commonly used in munitions, and it serves as a driving band in artillery shells and as a liner in shaped-charge anti-tank weapons. These materials are essential for the effectiveness, reliability, and precision of military hardware.

2. Which specific minerals are important for military rearmament?

Answer: While the search results do not provide a comprehensive list, it is mentioned that copper is especially prevalent in munitions due to its use in artillery shells and anti-tank weapons. However, this implies that other minerals such as rare earth elements, aluminum, steel, and possibly more are also crucial for various military applications.

3. Can the Modern War Institute provide more information on America's need for minerals in its military?

Answer: Yes, the Modern War Institute at West Point has published articles discussing the strategic and logistical aspects of America's military rearmament, including the necessity for minerals. You can find detailed articles and analyses on their website about this issue and other related military topics.

For further specific details, you would need to access the article directly or reach out to the Modern War Institute at West Point through their website at

Please note that the information provided here is based on what was inferred from the search results snippets and may not cover every aspect of the subject. For a more comprehensive understanding, additional research and information from official military or strategic resources should be consulted.