Biden and US trade office target China’s steel, maritime and logistics sectors

Biden and US trade office target China’s steel, maritime and logistics sectors

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai has pledged to thoroughly investigate allegations of China utilizing unfair practices to dominate global markets. A Section 301 investigation will determine if Chinese government actions burden US commerce. The investigation may result in duties or import restrictions. Labor unions and US senators have endorsed the petition against Chinese practices. Previous investigations by former President Trump led to a trade war with China.

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FAQ - Biden and US Trade Office Target China's Steel, Maritime, and Logistics Sectors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What action has US President Joe Biden proposed against Chinese steel and aluminum?

- President Joe Biden has called for tripling the tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

2. Which sectors has the US Trade Representative's office targeted in its latest actions?

- The US Trade Representative's office has launched actions targeting China's steel, maritime, and logistics sectors.

3. What other measures are being considered by the USTR in relation to the Chinese maritime sector?

- The USTR is considering imposing a fee on every Chinese-built vessel that docks at a United States port to address concerns related to global maritime trade and logistics.

4. Why have North American unions asked the Biden administration to probe the Chinese shipbuilding sector?

- Unions have requested the Biden administration investigate the Chinese shipbuilding sector for its potential impact on the American maritime, logistics, and shipbuilding sectors and to consider taking action to obtain fair competition.

5. Has the Biden administration kept any of Trump's trade policies regarding China?

- Yes, President Biden has kept Trump-era tariffs on China because they are believed to help create US jobs in the trade sector.

6. What is the broader context of the Biden administration's approach to China?

- The Biden administration's approach to China involves strategic competition, which touches on issues such as geopolitical claims in the South China Sea, with the US maintaining that China's claims have no basis in international law.

7. Where can I find more information about the US-China trade tensions and strategic competition?

- Detailed information and analysis on US-China relations can be found in reports and publications by the Congressional Research Service (e.g., U.S.-China Strategic Competition in South and East China Seas) or specialized trade news outlets like Inside U.S. Trade.