Big win for PM Modi: 1 in 7 of marquee iPhone models are from India; as output touches $14 billion

Big win for PM Modi: 1 in 7 of marquee iPhone models are from India; as output touches $14 billion

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FAQ for Big win for PM Modi: 1 in 7 of marquee iPhone models are from India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is the significance of the recent news about iPhone models and India?

A: The recent news highlights a significant increase in the production of iPhone models in India. It indicates that one in seven of Apple's marquee iPhone models are now manufactured in India, resulting in an output value touching $14 billion, which is seen as a big win for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push towards boosting local manufacturing.

Q: How does this development reflect on Apple’s manufacturing diversification?

A: Apple has been accelerating its diversification strategy away from China by increasing its production capacity in India. With iPhone production in India hitting the $14 billion mark, it showcases the company's effort to spread its manufacturing footprint and mitigate risks associated with overdependence on China.

Q: What are marquee iPhone models?

A: Marquee iPhone models refer to Apple's primary and most prestigious models that typically represent the company's latest and most advanced technology in smartphones. These would be flagship models like the iPhone 14.

Q: How does this production boost relate to India’s goals?

A: This production boost is in line with India's goal of becoming a global manufacturing hub, as envisioned by initiatives like 'Make in India'. It demonstrates India's growing capability in electronics manufacturing and its ability to attract major tech companies like Apple to set up and expand their manufacturing presence in the country.

Q: When did Apple announce it would start making its iPhone 14 in India?

A: Apple announced in September 2023 that it would start making its iPhone 14 in India. This move was recognized as a victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's industrial policies.

Q: How much is Apple targeting to produce iPhones worth in India?

A: Apple is targeting the production of about INR 1 trillion (US$12.01 billion) worth of iPhones in India by the end of the year.

Q: What does this production milestone mean for Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

A: For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this milestone marks a significant triumph in his push to establish India as a manufacturing powerhouse. It is seen as validation of his government's policies aimed at attracting foreign investment, particularly in the technology and manufacturing sectors.

Q: How does this impact the relationship between Apple and India?

A: This development strengthens the relationship between Apple and India, positioning India as a key player in Apple's supply chain. It is a testament to the growing collaboration and mutual benefit for both Apple's business expansion and India's economic development strategies.