Blownout Boeing door plug was made in Malaysia, US authority to scrutinise supply chain

Blownout Boeing door plug was made in Malaysia, US authority to scrutinise supply chain

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating Boeing's supply chain after a door plug blew out of an Alaska Airlines plane. The plug was produced in Malaysia by Boeing's main subcontractor, Spirit AeroSystems. Malaysia's civil aviation authority has offered assistance to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). US Senate Commerce Committee chair Maria Cantwell plans to hold a hearing on the issue to ensure strong oversight of Boeing. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and Spirit's CEO Pat Shanahan have visited Spirit's production facilities to address the incident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blown-out Boeing door plug made in Malaysia, scrutiny by US authority

1. What happened with the Boeing door plug?

The door plug of a Boeing 737 MAX 9 blew out mid-air, which has raised concerns and led to an investigation by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

2. Where was the faulty door plug manufactured?

The door plug implicated in the incident was produced by a Spirit AeroSystems facility in Malaysia.

3. Has any action been taken by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) in response to this issue?

Yes, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia proactively reached out to the FAA to offer assistance following reports that the door plug was made in Malaysia.

4. What is the scope of the FAA's investigation regarding this issue?

The FAA's investigation appears to involve detailed scrutiny of the supply chain, focusing on why the door plug failed and whether production issues could be a systemic problem.

5. How many Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft are being inspected as part of this investigation?

The FAA has indicated that the first set of 40 inspections of Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft have been initiated to understand the breadth of the issue.

6. Are production issues confined only to the Boeing door plug?

According to reports, production issues are not limited to the door plug. There may be a broader examination of the manufacturing and quality control processes at play.

7. Did Boeing or its subcontractor acknowledge the issue?

Specific acknowledgments from Boeing or Spirit AeroSystems are not mentioned in the provided resources. However, the involvement of the FAA in inspections suggests that the matter is being taken seriously.

8. Is the door plug malfunction an isolated incident or a design issue?

It is currently unclear whether the problem is isolated or if there is a fundamental design issue with the door plugs on the Boeing 737 MAX 9. The ongoing investigation should help in determining the nature of the problem.

9. Have there been any reported accidents or injuries due to the blown-out door plug?

The provided links do not mention any accidents or injuries resulting from the incident. However, incidents involving aircraft components can pose significant safety risks.

Remember, the situation is subject to ongoing investigation, and new information could emerge. Please check the latest news and official FAA communications for updates.