Blue Yonder Agrees Deal to Acquire One Network Enterprises

Blue Yonder Agrees Deal to Acquire One Network Enterprises

Blue Yonder has agreed to acquire One Network Enterprises for over US$800m, aiming to revolutionize the supply chain industry by offering end-to-end solutions. The combination of their capabilities is set to create a resilient and collaborative ecosystem. This move is expected to provide carriers and suppliers with advanced services, enhancing their ability to manage disruptions effectively.uspendLayoutSupply Chain Digital is the leading platform for global supply chain news and events.

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FAQs - Blue Yonder Agrees Deal to Acquire One Network Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What company has Blue Yonder agreed to acquire?

Blue Yonder has agreed to acquire One Network Enterprises.

2. What is the acquisition value of the deal?

The acquisition is valued at approximately $839 million.

3. What is the purpose of Blue Yonder acquiring One Network Enterprises?

The acquisition is intended to create a multi-enterprise supply chain ecosystem by integrating One Network Enterprises' technology and capabilities into Blue Yonder's offerings.

4. What does One Network Enterprises specialize in?

One Network Enterprises is a developer of a cloud business platform for autonomous supply chain management.

5. How is this acquisition expected to change the supply chain software market?

This significant acquisition is expected to shake up the supply chain software market by providing a unified supply chain platform and collaboration ecosystem.

6. What kind of platform does One Network Enterprises offer?

One Network Enterprises offers an innovative platform and Digital Supply Chain Network that will now be part of Blue Yonder's solutions.

7. Where is One Network Enterprises based?

One Network Enterprises is based in Dallas.

8. How will Blue Yonder benefit from this acquisition?

By acquiring One Network Enterprises, Blue Yonder will be able to tap into One Network’s platform, expanding its capabilities in supply chain management and further investing in its quest to provide a unified supply chain solution.

9. Has Blue Yonder made other investments in acquisitions recently?

Yes, the deal with One Network Enterprises marks around $1 billion of investments in acquisitions by Blue Yonder since Q4 2023.

10. Is the agreement to acquire One Network Enterprises by Blue Yonder final?

As of the information provided, Blue Yonder has announced a binding agreement to acquire One Network Enterprises, indicating that the intentions for acquisition are firm and legally binding, pending the closing of the deal and any regulatory approvals if needed.