Budget 2024: Can India fill the vacuum created in global supply chains?

Budget 2024: Can India fill the vacuum created in global supply chains?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the significance of Budget 2024 for India's role in global supply chains?

Answer: With the geopolitical shifts and disruptions in global supply chains, Budget 2024 is significant as it could outline India's strategy and policies aimed at filling the vacuum in the global supply chains that has been created.

2. Is India positioning itself to take advantage of the current geopolitical situation affecting global supply chains?

Answer: Yes, based on the current geopolitical situation, it appears that India is attempting to seize the opportunity to fill gaps in global supply chains.

3. What challenges might India face in filling the vacuum in global supply chains?

Answer: While the search results do not provide specific details, typical challenges could include enhancing manufacturing capabilities, ensuring timely logistics, policy reforms, and dealing with global competition and economic volatility.

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