Capchem USA Evaluating $350 Million Investment to Establish EV ...

Capchem USA Evaluating $350 Million Investment to Establish EV ...

Capchem Technology USA is considering investing $350 million to build a manufacturing facility in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. The facility would produce carbonate solvent and lithium-ion battery electrolyte, supporting the growth of domestic battery and electric vehicle supply chains. The project would create 95 direct new jobs and an estimated 474 indirect jobs. Louisiana's commitment to sustainability and its skilled manufacturing workforce make it an attractive location for the facility. Construction is expected to begin in 2025, pending regulatory approvals. Capchem would receive incentives from the state to secure the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Capchem USA Investment

1. What is Capchem USA's planned investment in Louisiana?

Capchem USA is evaluating a $350 million investment to establish an electric vehicle (EV) battery supply chain facility in Louisiana.

2. How many jobs could the Capchem project create?

The project by Capchem USA is estimated to create 95 direct new jobs and result in 474 indirect new jobs, totaling 569 potential new jobs in the Capital Region.

3. What would be the average salary for positions at Capchem Technology USA?

The average annual salary for positions at Capchem Technology USA would be approximately $71,000.

4. What is the status of Capchem's evaluation for the investment?

As of the latest reports, Capchem is still evaluating the investment. There has not been a final confirmation on moving forward with the project.

5. Where in Louisiana is the facility potentially being established?

While the exact location within Louisiana has not been specified in the provided search results, references to Ascension Parish suggest that the facility may be established there.

6. Who is Capchem Technology USA Inc.?

Capchem Technology USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company that specializes in materials related to the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries.

7. What are the potential benefits of Capchem's investment for Louisiana?

The investment promises economic growth through job creation, boosting the local economy, and positioning Louisiana as a player in the EV battery supply chain industry.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Louisiana Economic Development's official news release.