Coordinating U.S.South Korean Approaches Toward Supply Chain Resiliency

Coordinating U.S.South Korean Approaches Toward Supply Chain Resiliency

The importance of reshaping global supply chains amidst strategic competition between the U.S. and China is highlighted. The existing global division of labor in the international trade environment has evolved since the 1990s due to globalization. Efforts to diversify supply chains and build resilience have been prompted by disruptions like natural disasters and policies during emergencies like COVID-19. This recognition carries additional economic costs but is essential for secure supply chains.

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FAQ: Coordinating U.S.-South Korean Approaches Toward Supply Chain Resiliency - Council on Foreign Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What was the purpose of the CFR virtual workshop held on November 28, 2023?

Answer: The Council on Foreign Relations conducted a virtual workshop to discuss and strategize on "U.S.-South Korea Policy Coordination Toward China on Supply Chain Resiliency." The workshop aimed to harmonize approaches between the United States and South Korea in response to supply chain challenges related to China. (Source: CFR)

FAQ 2: What are the potential impacts of strengthened U.S.-South Korea cooperation against China's challenge?

Answer: Enhanced cooperation between the U.S. and South Korea can have significant domestic, regional, and global ramifications. It includes reinforcing alliances to meet security threats, advancing technological innovation, and improving supply chain stability. (Source: CFR)

FAQ 3: How might the U.S.-South Korea alliance impact supply chain resiliency in East Asia?

Answer: The alliance has the potential to address the growing competition between the United States and China in technology and supply chain management, which could benefit the economic and strategic stability in East Asia. (Source: CFR)

FAQ 4: What is the role of the United States-Korea Supply Chain and Commercial Dialogue (SCCD)?

Answer: The SCCD serves as a platform for the United States and South Korea to engage in discussions on enhancing supply chain cooperation, promoting manufacturing resilience, and addressing dual-use technologies in their economic relations. (Source:

FAQ 5: How do the United States and South Korea plan to promote global supply chain resilience?

Answer: The U.S. and South Korea are building on international cooperation initiated at the U.S.-led Summit on Global Supply Chain Resilience. Both nations work closely to identify vulnerabilities and improve the sustainability and security of critical supply chains. (Source:

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