Council On Supply Chain Resilience Tasked With Strengthening Domestic Supply Chains And Limiting Reliance On Foreign Medical Supplies

Council On Supply Chain Resilience Tasked With Strengthening Domestic Supply Chains And Limiting Reliance On Foreign Medical Supplies

The White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience held its inaugural meeting on November 27, 2023, focusing on strengthening and advancing critical supply chains in the US. The Biden-Harris Administration aims to provide Americans with consistent access to essential medicines and vaccines domestically. By boosting national supply chains and manufacturing, the US can enhance economic and national security, reducing reliance on foreign suppliers. The Department of Health and Human Services will receive expanded authority to support domestic production of critical medicines, ensuring the US is prepared to meet domestic needs.

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Q: What is the Council on Supply Chain Resilience?

The Council on Supply Chain Resilience is a newly established council announced by President Biden on November 27, 2023. It is tasked with strengthening America's supply chains to lower costs for families and secure key sectors, including the manufacturing of essential medicines within the United States. (Source)

Q: How does the Defense Production Act play into the Council's efforts?

The Defense Production Act has been employed to increase the production of essential medicines domestically. This legislation gives the U.S. government more control over industrial production to ensure the availability of critical goods, thereby reducing dependency on foreign supply chains for these products. (Source)

Q: What led to the creation of the Council on Supply Chain Resilience?

The formation of the Council can be traced back to executive actions like the one issued on February 24, 2021. This order aimed to create resilient American supply chains, revitalize domestic manufacturing, and secure the United States from supply chain vulnerabilities across various sectors including pharmaceuticals. (Source)

Q: What are the national security implications addressed by strengthening the supply chain?

Strengthening the supply chain is intended to mitigate risks to United States critical infrastructure and the digital economy by ensuring that essential goods, technologies, and services are produced domestically, thereby reducing susceptibility to foreign supply chain disruptions and potential security threats. (Source)

Yes, FEMA has developed a Supply Chain Resilience Guide with recommendations and best practices for emergency managers to analyze and improve local supply chains, contributing to greater national resilience in times of crises or emergencies. (Source)

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