DHL Supply Chain expands electric yard truck fleet in the US

DHL Supply Chain expands electric yard truck fleet in the US

DHL Supply Chain has added its 50th electric yard truck, manufactured by Orange EV, to its operations in the US. The company estimates that by using electric trucks instead of diesel, it will eliminate over 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions annually. DHL Supply Chain plans to phase out diesel trucks by 2025 and increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet. Diageo, the alcoholic beverage company, was the first customer to use the Orange EV trucks at its warehouse facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many electric yard trucks has DHL Supply Chain integrated into its fleet?

Answer: DHL Supply Chain has reached a 50-truck milestone with its electric yard truck fleet operated by Orange EV. (Source: Transportation Today News)

2. What is the future plan for DHL Supply Chain's electric yard truck fleet?

Answer: DHL Supply Chain plans to double the size of their current electric yard truck fleet to ultimately deploy 100 Orange EV emission-free trucks. (Source: Morningstar)

3. What is DHL Supply Chain's commitment to sustainable logistics?

Answer: DHL Supply Chain North America committed to purchasing 100% of electricity from renewable sources in 2021 and has mandated that new yard trucks be electric as part of its sustainability initiatives. (Source: Inbound Logistics)

4. How does the use of electric trucks impact DHL Supply Chain facilities?

Answer: The integration of electric yard trucks helps to prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain and underutilization of facilities. It's a step towards modernizing its vehicle fleet with electric models. (Source: csi-logistics-trend-radar-6-dhl.pdf)

5. Is there any information about when DHL aims to phase out diesel trucks?

Answer: DHL Supply Chain has intentions to phase out diesel by 2025 as indicated in the information about its commitment to increasing their electric yard truck fleet. (Source: Morningstar)

6. What is the broader environmental commitment of DHL Supply Chain for its fleet in North America?

Answer: By 2030, DHL Supply Chain aims for 30% of its North American fleet to be zero or near-zero emission vehicles. (Source: DC Velocity)

7. At how many sites are DHL's Orange EV yard trucks currently in operation?

Answer: Orange EV electric yard trucks are in operation at more than 30 DHL Supply Chain sites across the country. (Source: Transportation Today News)