Diagon puts exTesla supply chain muscle to work for small businesses

Diagon puts exTesla supply chain muscle to work for small businesses

Will Drewery founded Diagon, a startup that helps manufacturers source equipment. He drew inspiration from his experience sourcing equipment for Tesla factories. The company uses AI to assist companies in identifying qualified suppliers and managing complex projects. Drewery's background includes working in the steel industry, consulting, and working for the U.S. Department of Defense. He also sourced equipment for Tesla.

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Diagon FAQ

Diagon FAQ

1. What is Diagon?

Answer: Diagon is a company that leverages the expertise of former Tesla supply chain professionals to assist small businesses in navigating the complexities of the supply chain. It provides a network for small businesses to connect with qualified suppliers, including equipment suppliers, system integrators, and service providers.

2. How does Diagon help small businesses?

Answer: Diagon helps small businesses by offering them access to a vetted network of suppliers and streamlining the procurement process. This helps businesses in finding the right suppliers and service providers, potentially reducing the time and effort they would otherwise spend on supply chain management.

3. What experience does Diagon bring to the table?

Answer: Diagon brings experience from the supply chain team of Tesla, known for its innovative and efficient supply chain management. This expertise is utilized to empower small businesses with better supply chain strategies and execution.

4. Can companies outside of the automotive industry benefit from Diagon?

Answer: Yes, Diagon's services are designed to benefit small businesses across various industries, not just those within the automotive sector.

5. Is there any particular geographic focus for Diagon's services?

Answer: The available information does not specify a geographic focus, implying that Diagon may offer services broadly to small businesses without major geographic restrictions.

6. How can businesses join Diagon's network?

Answer: While specific details on joining Diagon's network are not provided, businesses interested in Diagon's services likely need to reach out directly to Diagon for more information on the enrollment process and criteria.

7. What makes Diagon different from other supply chain service providers?

Answer: Diagon's unique selling point is its use of the expertise of ex-Tesla supply chain professionals, who have a reputation for innovation in supply chain management. This specialized knowledge is being offered to small businesses that might not otherwise have access to such high-level expertise.

For more specific details and features about Diagon’s services, it is best to visit the TechCrunch article or contact the company directly.