Digital twin tech 'vital for US supply chain efforts' EY

Digital twin tech 'vital for US supply chain efforts'  EY

The Biden administration is being urged to include digital-twin driven scenario planning in its efforts to improve US supply chains. The government recently announced a cross-government programme to address supply chain issues and the Department of Homeland Security’s Supply Chain Resilience Center (SCRC) will collaborate with the private sector to mitigate risk. John Polowczky, an expert in supply chain, suggests that the SCRC should develop digital models of critical infrastructure to test for vulnerabilities and friction points. He also emphasizes the need for improved data-sharing across government and private industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Twin Tech

FAQ 1: What is a digital twin in the context of supply chain management?

Answer: A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical supply chain. This technology allows companies to simulate, track, and analyze their operations in a virtual environment, which can help in making better decisions and improving the efficiency of supply chain operations.

FAQ 2: How is digital twin technology transforming supply chains in the US?

Answer: Digital twin technology is transforming supply chains by enabling companies to be more agile and pivot faster in response to a crisis or new opportunities. It helps in monitoring and simulating events across the supply chain, leading to more efficient and effective decision-making, and ultimately a more resilient supply chain.

FAQ 3: Why is digital twin technology considered vital for US supply chain efforts according to EY?

Answer: Digital twin technology is considered vital as it helps companies to handle complexities and challenges more effectively. Whether it's a matter of responding to unexpected disruptions or seizing new market opportunities, digital twins offer a level of agility and insight that traditional supply chain management approaches lack.

FAQ 4: Can digital twins improve health and safety in supply chains?

Answer: Health and safety within the supply chain can be improved with digital twins, as they enable better tracking and management of processes. This can result in safer working environments and products by enabling rapid identification and correction of potential safety issues before they lead to accidents or recalls.

FAQ 5: How does digital twin technology help in supply chain sustainability efforts?

Answer: Digital twins can greatly assist in sustainability efforts by helping companies identify inefficient processes and areas where resources are wasted. With the use of digital twins in combination with other technologies, such as control towers and cloud-based applications, companies can monitor sustainability metrics more closely and make adjustments that lead to more sustainable operations.

FAQ 6: What role do digital twins play in the automotive industry's supply chain?

Answer: In the automotive industry, digital twins are used to monitor, simulate, and optimize supply chain activities, from manufacturing to logistics. They can give automotive companies a real-world advantage by allowing them to test and implement changes virtually before executing them in the physical world, thus saving costs and time, and improving reliability.

FAQ 7: What are the benefits of using digital process mining in conjunction with digital twins?

Answer: Utilizing digital process mining alongside digital twins amplifies supply chain resilience by providing in-depth insights into process inefficiencies and potential bottlenecks. This combined approach enables organizations to visualize and analyze their entire supply chain process, ensuring proactive management and continuous improvement.

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