Disney strikes direct DSP deals, consolidating the supply chain

Disney strikes direct DSP deals, consolidating the supply chain

Disney integrated with Google and The Trade Desk to simplify the ad tech supply chain, while NBCUniversal partnered with The Trade Desk for Olympics inventory. At SXSW, leaders discussed conflicting views on AI, with tech leaders pushing for faster development and creatives expressing caution. The potential ban of TikTok in the U.S. has sparked debates about political motivations and strategies.

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FAQs - Disney Direct DSP Deals

Frequently Asked Questions about Disney's Direct DSP Deals and Supply Chain Consolidation

1. What is Disney's new approach to its programmatic advertising efforts?

Disney is consolidating its supply chain by striking direct deals with Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), specifically integrating the Disney Real Time Ad Exchange (DRAX) directly with these platforms to streamline its programmatic sales.

2. Who confirmed Disney's move toward direct DSP deals?

Josh Mattison, Disney's Senior Vice President of Revenue Management and Operations, discussed the consolidation move with Campaign US.

3. How does this direct integration benefit Disney's advertising strategy?

By establishing direct relationships with DSPs, Disney can potentially reduce intermediaries in the supply chain, improve efficiency, increase transparency, and have more control over its inventory and audience targeting.

4. What tool is Disney using to run its programmatic sales?

Disney is using its tool named the Disney Real Time Ad Exchange (DRAX) for its programmatic sales, which is now directly linked to the DSPs as part of the new direct deals.

5. Can small businesses advertise on Disney's platforms?

While the articles do not specifically address ad opportunities for small businesses on Disney platforms, the separate mention of Hulu Ad Manager in the search results indicates that there are self-service options available for businesses of all sizes to advertise on at least some of Disney's platforms, like Hulu.

6. How do these direct DSP deals align with Disney's emphasis on omnichannel campaign delivery?

Although not explicitly detailed in the search results, Disney's direct DSP deals likely allow for a more cohesive omnichannel campaign delivery by centralizing control and enabling more targeted and effective cross-channel advertising strategies.

7. What competitors or alternative platforms offer similar advertising opportunities?

In the broader marketplace, there are numerous DSPs and advertising platforms mentioned such as The Trade Desk (TTD), Xandr, Roku, and companies listed in the SmartyAds blog that offer various programmatic buying opportunities. Each platform comes with its own set of features catering to different aspects of digital advertising.

8. How does Disney's supply path optimization affect advertisers?

The supply path optimization, which is implied by the direct deals noted, can lead to better ad performance for advertisers due to a more streamlined ad buying process and the possibility of reduced costs by avoiding markups from intermediaries.

9. Are there any environmental considerations in Disney's digital advertising strategy?

The search results do not directly discuss Disney's environmental policies in digital advertising. However, it's worth noting that as companies focus on sustainability, advertisers can look for "Green PMP" (Private Marketplace) deals within their DSP interfaces to align with environmental goals, as described in the related ExchangeWire deep dive.

10. Is Disney's advertising move indicative of a broader trend in the industry?

Disney's strategy reflects a broader industry trend towards supply path optimization, where publishers and media companies are looking to have more direct relationships with platforms for their programmatic advertising to increase efficiency and control.

Please note that these answers are based on the search results provided and might not capture the latest developments beyond the knowledge cutoff. For more detailed and up-to-date information, please refer to the respective articles and official statements from Disney.