Energy tech startup chargeMOD eyes pan India presence

Energy tech startup chargeMOD eyes pan India presence

chargeMOD, a Kerala-based energy tech start-up, plans to expand its presence in India by setting up 1,000 slow chargers and 200 fast chargers in various states. The company aims to establish 500 slow chargers and 100 fast chargers in Kerala, in addition to their existing charging stations. They have deployed over 2,000 chargers across India and have received a pre-seed investment of ₹2.5 crore.

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FAQs - Energy tech start-up chargeMOD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Energy tech start-up chargeMOD

FAQ 1: What is chargeMOD?

Answer: ChargeMOD is an energy tech start-up focused on EV charging solutions in India.

FAQ 2: What plans does chargeMOD have for expansion?

Answer: ChargeMOD is eyeing a pan-India presence and aims to expand its network of EV charging solutions across the country. While the details of the expansion are not provided in the available links, the company's efforts in scaling up its operations are clear.

FAQ 3: How many charging points does chargeMOD plan to set up in India?

Answer: The specific number is not mentioned in the given results, but the company has plans to set up a substantial network of EV charging points in 2022 and beyond.

FAQ 4: Has chargeMOD partnered with any major companies for its expansion?

Answer: The search results do not specify any partnerships for chargeMOD. For up-to-date information on partnerships, it would be best to visit official announcements from the company or check their website.

FAQ 5: What makes chargeMOD stand out among other EV charging solution providers?

Answer: While the exact factors that distinguish chargeMOD are not outlined in the search results, their drive for a pan-India presence suggests a commitment to significant expansion and possibly innovative EV charging solutions.

FAQ 6: Where can I find the latest news about chargeMOD?

Answer: For the latest news, The Hindu Business Line is one of the sources that report on chargeMOD's activities. Other updates might be available on relevant industry news platforms, social media channels, or direct press releases from the company.

FAQ 7: Is chargeMOD currently hiring?

Answer: The search results do not mention hiring information for chargeMOD. For current job openings, one should check chargeMOD’s official career page or job listing platforms.

FAQ 8: Are there any reports or analyses available that include chargeMOD?

Answer: Yes, there is an Electric Vehicle report by Alvarez and Marsal that includes chargeMOD as an example of a start-up in India working on EV charging solutions.

Please note that additional details may become available by directly accessing the articles and links provided, or by conducting a more comprehensive search for the latest information on chargeMOD.