Equipment Depot to use Amazon supply chain tech, United States. News story in Forkliftaction News

Equipment Depot to use Amazon supply chain tech, United States. News story in Forkliftaction News

Equipment Depot, a materials handling equipment rental group, will be using Amazon's cloud-based application, AWS Supply Chain, to manage its parts inventory. The technology aims to increase visibility in the supply chain, mitigate risks, and lower costs. The system can connect to existing enterprise resource planning and supply chain management systems without upfront licensing fees or long-term commitments. The application uses machine learning technology to anticipate low parts inventory and OEM delays and reallocates parts in real-time.

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FAQs: Equipment Depot's Adoption of Amazon Supply Chain Tech

1. What is Equipment Depot and what do they do?

Equipment Depot is a materials handling equipment rental group that provides a range of services including rentals, sales, and maintenance of forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

2. What new technology is Equipment Depot adopting?

Equipment Depot is adopting a cloud-based application from Amazon Web Services (AWS) known as AWS Supply Chain.

3. What is the purpose of the AWS Supply Chain application for Equipment Depot?

The AWS Supply Chain application is designed to help manage Equipment Depot's parts inventory, which is valued at around USD 22 million. This technology will likely assist in optimizing inventory levels, forecasting demand, and improving overall supply chain efficiency.

4. How significant is this adoption of Amazon's supply chain technology by Equipment Depot?

Equipment Depot is reported to be an early adopter of AWS Supply Chain within the material handling industry, indicating a forward-looking approach to incorporating advanced technologies in their operations.

5. When was the announcement made regarding Equipment Depot's use of Amazon supply chain tech?

The story was reported in the "Forkliftaction News" article on 7 December 2023.

6. What are some expected benefits of using Amazon supply chain tech in Equipment Depot's operations?

While the specific benefits for Equipment Depot were not detailed in the links provided, generally, cloud-based supply chain solutions can offer benefits such as faster charging times for warehouse equipment, better decision-making with real-time data, enhanced forecasting, minimization of overstocking and stockouts, and overall improved efficiency.

7. Is there any information about financial investment by Equipment Depot in this technology?

The provided links did not specify the financial terms of the investment. However, it was mentioned that the parts inventory being managed by the AWS Supply Chain application is valued at USD 22 million.

8. Are there any other companies that have made similar moves as Equipment Depot in terms of adopting Amazon's tech?

Yes, Walmart is mentioned as having invested in similar technologies from Plug Power, as well as shares in the company, which may indicate a trend among large retailers and supply chain-oriented businesses in seeking advanced technological solutions.

9. Where can I read more about Equipment Depot's use of Amazon supply chain tech?

You can find more information about this topic on websites like and, as well as directly on Equipment Depot's blog at

10. Is this part of a wider trend in the industry?

Given Amazon CTO Werner Vogels' tech predictions and the investments of big companies like Walmart, adopting advanced supply chain technology seems to be part of a wider industry trend towards efficiency and modernization.