ET Awards 2023: S Jaishankar calls for support to domestic supply chains

ET Awards 2023: S Jaishankar calls for support to domestic supply chains

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htmlET Awards 2023 FAQs

ET Awards 2023 FAQs

FAQ 1: What was the main message from S Jaishankar at the ET Awards 2023?

Answer: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar addressed India Inc at the ET Awards 2023, urging them to support and bolster domestic supply networks, and move beyond lamenting the concentration of supply chains.

FAQ 2: Why is S Jaishankar focusing on domestic supply chains?

Answer: While the articles do not detail his entire rationale, an emphasis on domestic supply chains is likely a strategic call to enhance India's self-reliance and resilience in the face of global supply chain challenges. This would also be in line with broader efforts to mitigate risks that arise from relying too heavily on international sources, as observed during recent global disruptions.

FAQ 3: What are the ET Awards?

Answer: The Economic Times (ET) Awards are accolades presented by The Economic Times to recognize excellence and innovation in various sectors of India's economy. The awards bring together business leaders and policymakers to celebrate achievements and discuss key economic issues.

FAQ 4: Can India take care of the global supply chain if China isn't there?

Answer: An article dated January 25, 2023, on the Economic Times suggests that India is positioned to take care of the global supply chain in the event of China’s absence, indicating confidence in India’s capability to develop resilient supply chains. S Jaishankar’s emphasis on bolstering domestic supply networks aligns with this perspective.

FAQ 5: Where can I find more details about S Jaishankar's speech at the ET Awards 2023?

Answer: You can find more details about S Jaishankar’s speech and viewpoints in the articles published by The Economic Times. Here is a link to one such article for more information: ET Awards 2023: S Jaishankar calls for support to domestic supply chains.

FAQ 6: Is there a focus on particular sectors for India's domestic supply chain support?

Answer: Specific sectors are not mentioned in the brief snippets provided, but generally, there is a focus on critical sectors and goods to establish resilient supply chains. For precise information on sector focus, one might need to examine the full speech or related policy documents.

Please note that the details provided here are based on the search results as of the last update and might not reflect the most current developments or in-depth information available in full articles. For the latest and detailed updates, refer to the articles and official statements from S Jaishankar and related agencies.