Exclusive Video: P&SC LIVE Alexander Tschentscher, Siemens ...

Exclusive Video: P&SC LIVE  Alexander Tschentscher, Siemens ...

Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023 showcased industry speakers discussing innovation and strategy. Alexander Tschentscher of Siemens emphasized the need for a strategic approach in supply chain excellence and highlighted Siemens' vision for a robust and environmentally responsible supply chain. Tschentscher introduced the concept of a strategic diamond as a tool for success. The event also announced the Supply Chain AWARDS in 2024, recognizing exemplary achievements. BizClik, a global provider of B2B digital media platforms, covers supply chain, technology, and sustainability topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Alexander Tschentscher?

A: Alexander Tschentscher is the Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Excellence & Strategy at Siemens AG.

Q: What was the context of the video featuring Alexander Tschentscher?

A: The video was from an event called Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023, where Alexander Tschentscher participated in a speaking session or a panel discussion relating to supply chain strategies.

Q: Did Alexander Tschentscher refer to any notable figure or concept in his keynote at P&SC LIVE?

A: Yes, Alexander Tschentscher kickstarted his keynote with a reference to Mary Poppins.

Q: Was the video from Alexander Tschentscher’s session at P&SC LIVE available exclusively on a certain platform?

A: The video was featured as exclusive content on Supply Chain Digital, according to the provided search result.

Q: What topics were covered by Alexander Tschentscher in his discussions at P&SC LIVE?

A: Topics discussed included supply chain strategies and a journey from tactical to strategic approaches in supply chain management, which includes aspects of culture, ownership, and concepts.

Q: Can I find highlights from Alexander Tschentscher's participation in the event?

A: Yes, highlights and insights from his session can be found on Procurement Magazine, particularly in articles summarizing the event and in dedicated videos showcasing the key moments.

Q: Are there any other resources where I can learn more about the topics presented by Alexander Tschentscher?

A: For more detailed insights, readers are encouraged to check other related content and videos available on Procurement Magazine's website, which cover the Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE event in depth.

A: The event covered a range of topics related to procurement and supply chain management, often featuring experts from various industries. For specific themes covered in the event, readers may refer to articles by Procurement Magazine that detail key themes and sessions from the event.