Expert perspective on overcoming the difficulties of Cold Chain Logistics in India's Pharma Sector

Expert perspective on overcoming the difficulties of Cold Chain Logistics in India's Pharma Sector

The ETPharma’s Future-Ready Pharma Supply Chain Summit focused on ‘Preserving Quality: Cold Chain Logistics' Role in Safeguarding Biosimilar and Pharma Integrity.’ Panellists included Dr Rajiv Desai, Senior Technical Advisor, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance; Surendra Deodhar, Vice President Materials, Reliance Life Sciences; Ritesh Manchanda, Customer Supply Chain Lead, GSK India and Apoorv Singhal, CEO, Acaya. The discussion highlighted the importance of resilience, integrity, and sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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FAQ for Cold Chain Logistics in India's Pharma Sector

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main difficulties in Cold Chain Logistics for India's Pharma Sector?

A: The main difficulties include maintaining a consistent temperature during transport, ensuring reliable electricity supply, infrastructure challenges, managing costs, and handling the complexities of distribution across vast and diverse geographies.

Q: How are experts planning to overcome these difficulties in Cold Chain Logistics?

A: Experts are advocating for the revamp of logistics infrastructure, investment in advanced technology for temperature control, development of more agile and adaptable supply chains, better management solutions, and perhaps incentives for improvements in the logistics sector.

Q: Why is Cold Chain Logistics crucial for India’s Pharma Sector?

A: Cold Chain Logistics is crucial because many pharmaceutical products, especially vaccines and biologics, require strict temperature control throughout the supply chain to ensure their efficacy and safety when they reach end-users.

Q: What innovations are being introduced to improve Cold Chain Logistics?

A: Innovations include new packaging solutions that maintain stable temperatures, devices for real-time temperature monitoring, advanced data analytics for supply chain optimization, and developing more efficient transportation methods.

Q: How does India’s infrastructure impact Cold Chain Logistics in the Pharma Sector?

A: Inadequate infrastructure can lead to disruptions and inefficiencies in the supply chain, resulting in temperature excursions that can compromise drug quality. Improving infrastructure is essential to strengthen cold chain logistics.

Q: Are there any recent developments in Cold Chain Logistics for India's Pharma Sector covered by ETHealthWorld?

A: Yes, ETHealthWorld discusses expert perspectives on overcoming these logistics difficulties, though specifics of recent developments would require accessing the full article here for the latest information.

Q: Is the government taking any steps to support the Pharma Sector’s Cold Chain Logistics?

A: While the search results do not explicitly mention government steps, typically such logistics challenges would be addressed through policy changes, infrastructural investments, financial incentives, and collaborations with private sectors.

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