Firms look to expand into India warehousing

Firms look to expand into India warehousing

Oragadam industrial park in India is experiencing high demand for warehouse space from European and American companies looking to diversify from China. Greenbase industrial park plans to invest $800 million to expand its space. With India's economic growth surpassing advanced nations, developers are scrambling for land to build modern facilities. Companies like Panattoni are entering India to tap into its growth potential and infrastructure improvements.

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FAQs about Firms Expanding into India Warehousing

Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Firms look to expand into India warehousing

Q1: Why are logistics firms interested in expanding their warehousing operations in India?

A1: Logistics firms are interested in expanding their warehousing operations in India due to the country’s growing economy, increasing demand for efficient supply chain solutions, and the potential for high revenue growth. For example, TVS Logistics targeted $1 billion in revenue from its India operations by FY '21, indicating the attractiveness of the Indian market. (Source: TVS Logistics)

Q2: What recent acquisitions have occurred to bolster warehousing operations in India?

A2: CEVA Logistics expanded its presence in India through the acquisition of Stellar Value Chain Solutions, which was intended to strengthen CEVA's strategy to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions. (Source: CEVA Logistics)

Q3: How are technological solutions influencing warehousing in India?

A3: Technological solutions, such as SaaS Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), are emerging as game changers in India's warehousing industry. They are testament to the increasing adoption of efficient warehouse management practices driving business growth within the country. (Source: LinkedIn - SaaS WMS)

Q4: What are some growth strategies being employed by logistics companies in India?

A4: Logistics companies in India are employing various growth strategies such as geographic expansion, growing the core business, and value-chain expansion. These strategies are critical for becoming growth outperformers in the logistics sector. (Source: McKinsey)

Q5: What are the prospects for investment in India's warehousing sector?

A5: The prospects for investment in India's warehousing sector appear promising. Investcorp's portfolio company listed India's first Warehousing and Industrial Parks investment trust on the National Stock Exchange, reflecting significant growth opportunities within the sector. (Source: Investcorp)

These FAQs provide a brief overview of the warehousing expansion in India by various logistic firms, including growth strategies, technological advancements, investment potential, and recent market developments.