Food supply chain thefts rise in 2023

Food supply chain thefts rise in 2023

BSI's Supply Chain Risk Insights Report 2023 highlights global trends and key insights to manage supply chains amid ongoing disruption. Food theft in the supply chain has increased by 29% in 2023, with agricultural food products accounting for one in ten incidents. The report recommends leveraging smart technology solutions to mitigate theft risks. Collaboration and supply chain intelligence solutions are crucial for effective risk management.

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Food Supply Chain Theft FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Supply Chain Thefts in 2023

1. Why are food supply chain thefts rising in 2023?

Answer: The rise in food supply chain thefts in 2023 is largely attributed to the ongoing impact of global inflation, which has led to certain basic goods becoming increasingly valuable and targeted by thieves.

2. How significant is the increase in food supply chain thefts?

Answer: There was a reported 57% increase in thefts from the second quarter of 2022, suggesting a significant rise in such criminal activities within the food supply chain in 2023.

3. What types of food products are being targeted for theft?

Answer: The search results highlight a specific case where an organized theft ring stole an estimated $9 million worth of meat. This indicates that high-value or easily resold items like meat are among the types of food products targeted by thieves.

4. Are there any notable incidents regarding food supply chain thefts in 2023?

Answer: Yes, there was a noted incident at the JBS Grand Island Beef Plant where a trailer of beef was reported stolen on March 31, 2023.

5. How does cyber security relate to food supply chain theft?

Answer: Cyber security threats such as ransomware and data breaches are increasingly relevant to the food and agriculture sector, with the rising use of technology in supply chains making them more susceptible to cyberattacks, which can lead to theft of sensitive data and disruptions in supply.

6. What measures are being taken to mitigate theft in food distribution in the UK?

Answer: Efforts to mitigate theft in UK food distribution include keeping up to date on logistics strategies and implementing industry standards and regulations related to data protection, food safety, and supply chain security.

7. Has there been any response from the insurance market regarding the increase in thefts within the food supply chain?

Answer: The insurance market for food processing and distribution has remained steady in an unsteady world, with coverage being necessary for issues such as supply disruption and food safety in response to the rise in thefts.

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