From AI to supply chain: Infor's priorities ...

From AI to supply chain: Infor's priorities ...

US software company Infor is focusing on sales of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and supply chain/logistics projects in Latin America. The company has experienced triple-digit revenue growth in the region over the past three years. Infor aims to grow in a market dominated by SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Totvs. It is prioritizing solutions integrated with traditional AI models by industry vertical. In addition to AI, Infor's focus in Latin America is logistics solutions, particularly through its Warehouse Management System (WMS) suite. Brazil is its leading market in the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What are Infor's main priorities for Latin America in 2024?

Answer: Infor is focusing on increasing sales of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and projects that are specifically designed for the supply chain sector in Latin America.

FAQ 2: How does Infor's AI platform, Coleman, enhance ERP systems?

Answer: Infor's Coleman AI platform aims to "rethink ERP" by allowing data to flow freely between applications and the supply chain. The platforms use predictive and prescriptive insights to improve operational efficiency and contribute to future-ready capabilities.

FAQ 3: What are the benefits of Infor's cloud solutions for businesses?

Answer: Infor CloudSuite provides full SaaS (Software as a Service) capabilities, taking care of daily backup and system management. The cloud solutions offer continuous innovation with future-ready features that can transform businesses.

FAQ 4: How is AI expected to improve Infor's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions?

Answer: AI and machine learning (ML) have the potential to significantly transform Infor's SCM solutions by optimizing inventory management and providing predictive insights for better decision-making processes.

FAQ 5: What are common pitfalls in AI projects, and how can they be avoided?

Answer: Common pitfalls in AI projects include a lack of clear strategy and understanding of how AI can deliver customer and employee value. To avoid these pitfalls, it is crucial to devise a strategy focused on the best customer and employee experiences powered by AI.

FAQ 6: What is the Infor Coleman AI's role in supply chain optimization?

Answer: Infor Coleman AI plays a role in optimizing the supply chain by combining rich data with AI-driven insights. This intelligence-driven approach helps in improving supply chain management and efficiency.

FAQ 7: Can Infor's solutions help in driving digital transformation in supply chains?

Answer: Yes, Infor aims to build tighter, quieter, and brighter digital supply chains. The company's solutions utilize machines and AI to digitally manage businesses and create supply chains that are sophisticated and informed.

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