Global logistics news roundup: XPO, Uber Freight, Heineken

Global logistics news roundup: XPO, Uber Freight, Heineken

Uber Freight commits to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 for its operations and aims to transition 80% of global shipments to clean transport by 2040. The newly launched Emissions Dashboard helps customers track supply chain emissions. In related news, XPO introduces a multimodal Italy-Germany route, reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated one ton per load, using GPS-linked trailers for efficiency. CTP leases a new Heineken distribution center in Germany aiming for more sustainable logistics.

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FAQs: Global Logistics News Roundup

What is discussed in the Global logistics news roundup on Supply Chain Digital?                                    The article covers recent developments in the global logistics industry, specifically highlighting the efforts and tools used by companies like XPO and Uber Freight to improve their services and reduce carbon emissions in their operations. Heineken's activities in the logistics space may also be included.

How is Uber Freight contributing to carbon reduction goals?                                    Uber Freight is setting freight carbon reduction goals to minimize the environmental impact of their operations. They have developed an Emissions Dashboard tool that provides customers with a detailed view of their supply chain emissions.

What new service has XPO introduced?                                    According to the provided search results, XPO has launched a new multimodal transport service which likely aims to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the logistics market. However, specific details about this new service are not provided in the search results.

What kind of tools or services does Uber Freight offer to its customers?                                    Uber Freight offers an Emissions Dashboard, which is a tool that grants customers a comprehensive insight into their supply chain emissions, helping them to make informed decisions and potentially reduce their carbon footprint.

Are there any collaborative efforts between Uber Freight and other companies?                                    Yes, Uber Freight has been known to team up with enterprise partners to enhance their digital brokerage services. For instance, Uber Freight has collaborated with Oracle – indicating a move towards deepening ties with large enterprise solutions.

For more detailed information, interested readers should directly consult the article titled "Global logistics news roundup: XPO, Uber Freight, Heineken" on Supply Chain Digital's website, as the search results do not provide complete details for more comprehensive answers.