GXO's acquisition of PFSweb is a done deal

GXO's acquisition of PFSweb is a done deal

Global contract logistics services provider GXO Logistics has completed the acquisition of e-commerce order fulfillment services provider PFSweb. The deal, valued at $7.50 per share or $181 million in equity, expands GXO's exposure to high-growth verticals in North America and Europe, particularly in the cosmetics and luxury goods sectors. PFSweb's service capabilities, including customer care, secure payments, and order orchestration systems, will enhance GXO's offerings. PFSweb will operate as a division within GXO's Americas and Asia Pacific region. The acquisition aligns with GXO's strategy of disciplined capital allocation for shareholder value creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions - GXO's Acquisition of PFSweb

Q: What is the latest update on GXO's acquisition of PFSweb?

A: GXO has completed the acquisition of PFSweb, a leading U.S.-based eCommerce order fulfillment platform. This acquisition expands GXO's offering in high-growth sectors and makes it the world's largest pure-play contract logistics company.

Q: Where can I find more information about GXO's acquisition of PFSweb?

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