HapagLloyd enlists Indiabased vendor to support US digital ...

HapagLloyd enlists Indiabased vendor to support US digital ...

Ancora Alternatives is pushing for a new board of directors at Forward, aiming to halt the acquisition of Omni which has caused a significant drop in stock value. SC Ports plans to enhance its terminal to accommodate larger ships and attract more cargo. Ocean carriers are partnering with tech vendors to digitize shipping documents, with Hapag-Lloyd using ODeX in the US as an example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hapag-Lloyd enlisting an India-based vendor for?

A: Hapag-Lloyd is enlisting an India-based vendor to support their US digital documentation move. Source

Q: Why are ocean carriers aligning with technology vendors?

A: Ocean carriers are aligning with technology vendors to meet a self-imposed deadline to digitize shipping documentation. Source

Q: Where is Hapag-Lloyd's regional HQ in North America located?

A: Hapag-Lloyd's regional headquarters for North America is located in the USA. Source

Q: Are there storage fees in the US when terminals are closed for Hapag-Lloyd?

A: No, Hapag-Lloyd joins carriers in nixing US storage fees when terminals are closed. Source