Heinrich, Luján Welcome Regional Infrast...

Heinrich, Luján Welcome Regional Infrast...

U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján have welcomed the U.S. Department of Transportation's designation of Central New Mexico as a Regional Infrastructure Accelerator (RIA) for an I-40 TradePort Corridor. The designation includes a coalition of Bernalillo County, Sandoval County, and the Village of Los Lunas, along with tri-state partners. The USDOT RIA will help accelerate project delivery, and initial seed funding of $974,000 will support the planning phase of the corridor. This federal investment aims to modernize the I-40 corridor, expand clean energy infrastructure, and fuel economic opportunities in New Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heinrich, Luján Welcome Regional Infrastructure Projects

Q1: What are Senator Martin Heinrich's priorities for New Mexico?

A1: Senator Martin Heinrich's key priorities for New Mexico include unlocking high-quality careers and sustainable industries for New Mexicans to build their families around. (Source: source)

Q2: Does Senator Martin Heinrich provide tax help for New Mexicans?

A2: Yes, Senator Heinrich offers tax help for New Mexicans and provides helpful information and answers to common tax-related questions. (Source: source)

Q3: Has Senator Martin Heinrich advocated for improving USPS operations in New Mexico?

A3: Yes, Senator Heinrich has urged the restoration of equipment and accountability for recent changes to USPS operations in New Mexico. (Source: source)

Q4: What is Senator Martin Heinrich's stance on transitioning to clean energy?

A4: Senator Heinrich supports transitioning from dirty to clean energy and has sponsored legislation to identify renewable energy opportunities. (Source: source)

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