Herbalife partners IIMB to set up supply chain sustainability lab

Herbalife partners IIMB to set up supply chain sustainability lab

Herbalife India has partnered with IIM-Bangalore to establish a supply chain sustainability lab focusing on sustainable supply chains and reducing plastic packaging usage. The lab offers tools like the Transportation Emission Measurement Tool to help businesses minimize their carbon footprint. This collaboration aims to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the purpose of the partnership between Herbalife India and IIM-Bangalore?

A: The partnership aims to establish a Supply Chain Sustainability Lab focused on driving sustainable supply chain practices, particularly in tackling plastic packaging and promoting sustainable development. (Source: The Hindu Business Line)

Q: What is the role of the TCI-IIMB Supply Chain Sustainability Lab?

A: The TCI-IIMB Supply Chain Sustainability Lab is involved in initiating research projects, white papers, and case studies to promote sustainable supply chain practices. It is also partnering with organizations like Herbalife to further these initiatives. (Source: IIM Bangalore)

Q: When was the partnership between Herbalife and IIM-B announced?

A: The partnership was officially announced with the exchange of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on December 23, 2022. (Source: IIM Bangalore)

Q: What are some of the initiatives Herbalife India is known for?

A: Herbalife India is known for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through strategic partnerships and impactful initiatives, including the Centre of Excellence with IIM B's Supply Chain Sustainability Lab, to boost research and development in sustainable supply chain management. (Source: Herbalife Nutrition)

Q: What kind of expertise does IIM-Bangalore bring to this partnership?

A: IIM-Bangalore brings in its extensive knowledge and skills in supply chain management through the Supply Chain Management Centre at IIMB, preparing and disseminating research and solutions to challenging supply chain issues. (Source: IIM Bangalore)

Q: How will this partnership benefit Herbalife India's sustainability efforts?

A: The partnership will benefit Herbalife India by incorporating the latest research and sustainable practices into their supply chains, boosting their sustainability initiatives, and ultimately contributing to more ethical and environmentally friendly operations. (Source: Naukri Job Listing)

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