Hitachi Energy aims to build India supply chain: Facchin | Mint

Hitachi Energy aims to build India supply chain: Facchin | Mint

Hitachi Energy plans to expand its portfolio and manufacturing capacity in India to meet global energy transition needs. The company aims to focus on power grid technologies and integrate electric vehicle (EV) batteries, charging infrastructure, and green hydrogen manufacturing plants into the grid. It also intends to partner with an Indian company in the green hydrogen or electrolyzer space. Hitachi Energy will increase its workforce in India and aims to add 2,500 more employees this financial year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hitachi Energy aiming to do in India?

A: Hitachi Energy aims to build India's supply chain. [source]

Q: Who is the CEO of Hitachi Energy?

A: The CEO of Hitachi Energy is Claudio Facchin. [source]

Q: What is the role of supply chain management in Hitachi Energy?

A: Supply Chain Management enables business success at Hitachi Energy. They co-create innovative solutions across the value chain with their suppliers and partners. [source]

Q: How does Hitachi Energy manage invoices and payments to suppliers?

A: Hitachi Energy strives to process invoices and make payments to their suppliers efficiently and effectively. They utilize Approved Trade Payables Finance (ATPF) for this purpose. [source]

A: Yes, Hitachi Energy has a job opening for a Supply Chain Risk Manager in Bangalore, KA. [source]