How cargo thieves are infiltrating U.S. supply chains

How cargo thieves are infiltrating U.S. supply chains

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Are Cargo Thieves Infiltrating U.S. Supply Chains?

Q: What methods are cargo thieves using to infiltrate U.S. supply chains?

A: Cargo thieves are employing strategic tactics such as identity theft and internet-based fraud to infiltrate the supply chains. They gain access to shipments by posing as legitimate entities and then proceed to carry out their thefts.

Q: Has there been a significant increase in cargo theft recently?

A: Yes, according to new data from CargoNet, cargo theft has seen a significant surge, with an increase of 57% in 2023 compared to 2022.

Q: What can companies do to prevent such infiltrations and thefts?

A: Companies can invest in supply chain risk management solutions, improve security protocols, and remain vigilant about identity verification processes to help prevent infiltrations and cargo thefts.

Q: Are there any specific types of cargo more vulnerable to theft?

A: Although all types of cargo can be vulnerable, the thefts from containers/trailers have surged, and in the U.S., food and beverage cargo thefts are notably high, ranking second only to other types of thefts.

Q: Where can I find more information or watch a video about cargo theft in U.S. supply chains?

A: You can find detailed information and a video on CNBC's YouTube channel, which explains how thieves are infiltrating U.S. supply chains and what measures can be taken to prevent these hidden heists and identity thefts.

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