How to Track Orders on Poshmark Logistics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Poshmark, a renowned online marketplace for fashion, provides a platform where you can buy and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories with ease. Once you've snagged that must-have item, tracking your order ensures you know exactly when it will arrive at your doorstep. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to keep tabs on your orders through Poshmark Logistics.

Step 1: Confirm Your Purchase

After buying an item on Poshmark, you will receive an email confirmation that contains vital details about your order and tracking information.

Step 2: Tracking via Poshmark Website

  • Website Navigation: Visit the Poshmark website and sign in to your account.
  • Order History: Navigate to ‘My Purchases’ under your account settings.
  • Tracking Details: Click on the order you wish to track to view its status and estimated delivery date.

Step 3: Using the Poshmark App

  • App Navigation: Open the Poshmark app on your mobile device.
  • Order History: Tap on ‘My Purchases’ to view your order history.
  • Tracking Information: Select the order you wish to track to view its status and other relevant details.

Step 4: Tracking via Email Notifications

  • Order Confirmation Email: Check your email for the order confirmation and tracking number.
  • Tracking Link: Click on the tracking link provided in the email to view the current status of your shipment.

Step 5: Engaging with Poshmark Customer Service

If you encounter any issues or require additional assistance:

  • Customer Service: Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page on Poshmark’s website.
  • Live Chat: Utilize the live chat feature for immediate assistance.
  • Email Support: Reach out via email for further inquiries.

Step 6: Receiving Your Order

Ensure you are available during the estimated delivery window and verify the items upon arrival to ensure accuracy and completeness.


  • Why is my Poshmark item shipped but not tracking?
  • There may be a delay in the carrier's tracking system or the tracking number may be incorrect.
  • What mail carrier does Poshmark use?
  • Poshmark typically uses USPS for shipping.
  • How long does a shipper have to ship on Poshmark?
  • Sellers usually have up to 7 days to ship the item on Poshmark.
  • How do I see my purchases on Poshmark?
  • Navigate to ‘My Purchases’ on the Poshmark website or app to view your order history.


Poshmark Logistics offers a streamlined process to track your orders, ensuring you are well-informed from the moment of purchase to the delivery of your fashion finds. With various platforms and robust customer support, Poshmark ensures a smooth and transparent tracking process for all your orders.

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