HRD Antwerp boosts diamond supply chain transparency with New Delhi Laboratory

HRD Antwerp boosts diamond supply chain transparency with New Delhi Laboratory

HRD Antwerp India held a ceremony attended by esteemed guests like Steven De Wilde from the Belgian Embassy and members of princely states and royal families in India. The Managing Director, Ramakant Mitkar, emphasized the importance of international certification in the diamond industry to instill confidence and ensure value in purchases. HRD Antwerp also introduced innovative products to enhance consumer experience and streamline processes.

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FAQs: HRD Antwerp's New Delhi Laboratory - Diamond World Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions: HRD Antwerp's New Delhi Laboratory

1. What is HRD Antwerp?

HRD Antwerp is a leading European diamond certification authority. They provide grading and certification services for diamonds and operate laboratories to ensure the quality and authenticity of diamonds.

2. Why has HRD Antwerp set up a new laboratory in New Delhi?

The new laboratory in New Delhi was set up to enhance supply chain transparency for diamond jewelry, particularly for retail brands and consumers in North India. It aims to ensure that natural diamond jewelry is free from contamination.

3. How does the New Delhi Laboratory contribute to transparency in the diamond supply chain?

The laboratory is equipped to conduct detailed grading and certification processes. It helps in verifying that the diamonds are natural and not synthetic, ensuring that buyers receive diamonds that are accurately represented.

4. What services can customers expect from the New Delhi Laboratory?

Customers can expect diamond and jewelry grading services which include assessing the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight), and certification to confirm the natural origin of the diamonds.

5. What impact does the HRD Antwerp New Delhi Laboratory have on the local market?

The impact is notable in instilling customer confidence in diamond purchases, as the lab aids in validating the quality and legitimacy of diamonds sold by retailers in the region. This is particularly important for consumers in North India.

6. How do industry professionals view the opening of HRD Antwerp's New Delhi Laboratory?

The opening is seen positively by industry professionals as it addresses the crucial need for transparency and trust in the diamond supply chain, a foundation of the diamond trade globally.

7. Are there any other initiatives by HRD Antwerp to ensure ethical practices in the diamond industry?

While the provided links do not specify additional initiatives, HRD Antwerp is known for advocating supply chain integrity and fighting against conflict diamonds, which aligns with the broader goals of the diamond industry, such as those pursued by entities based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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