I Squared Capital Closes Its Acquisition of WOW Logistics, a Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Services Provider in ...

I Squared Capital Closes Its Acquisition of WOW Logistics, a Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Services Provider in ...

I Squared Capital has acquired WOW Logistics, a Wisconsin-based supply chain provider. WOW offers services including temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation. The partnership aims to modernize storage infrastructure and meet rising demand. I Squared plans to maintain WOW's legacy while driving growth and innovation. Financial terms were not disclosed. WOW operates 25 facilities across the US with over 223 million cubic feet of capacity.

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FAQ - I Squared Capital Acquisition of WOW Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who acquired WOW Logistics?

Answer: I Squared Capital, a leading global infrastructure investment manager, acquired WOW Logistics.

2. What is I Squared Capital?

Answer: I Squared Capital is an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities, telecom, transport, and social infrastructure in North America, Europe, and select high-growth economies.

3. What kind of company is WOW Logistics?

Answer: WOW Logistics is a leading logistics and supply chain services provider in North America.

4. When did I Squared Capital complete the acquisition of WOW Logistics?

Answer: The acquisition was completed recently as indicated by the news article timestamps stating "16 hours ago" from the time the content was posted.

Answer: Yes, Kirkland & Ellis represented I Squared Capital on the acquisition of WOW Logistics.

6. Where can I find more information about the acquisition?

Answer: You can find more information on various financial news outlets such as Business Wire, Yahoo Finance, and through press releases issued by I Squared Capital and Kirkland & Ellis.

7. Will WOW Logistics continue to operate under the same name?

Answer: The search results do not specify any change to the WOW Logistics brand, so it is likely that it will continue to operate under its current name.

8. What is the significance of this acquisition for I Squared Capital?

Answer: While the specific details are not mentioned in the search results, traditionally, such an acquisition could help I Squared Capital expand its portfolio in the logistics and supply chain services sector, a crucial area for infrastructure development.

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