IESA hosts 2day summit on battery mfg & supply chain in Hyd

IESA hosts 2day summit on battery mfg & supply chain in Hyd

The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has begun its third annual India Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit (IBMSCS) in Hyderabad. The two-day event is focusing on the growth of the battery sector in India, including manufacturing, supply chain dynamics, technology advancements, policy frameworks, sustainability practices, and circular economy. Key industry stakeholders, including government officials and industry leaders, are attending the summit. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary - IT, Government of Telangana, highlighted the support provided by the government and private sector, expressing confidence in surpassing the target of 150GWh of battery manufacturing by 2030.

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IESA 2-day Summit FAQ

Based on the search results, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) with their answers regarding the IESA 2-day summit on battery manufacturing and supply chain in Hyderabad as reported by Bizz Buzz:

FAQ 1: What is the focus of the IESA 2-day summit in Hyderabad?

Answer: The IESA (Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association) summit focuses on the startup ecosystem in fabless semiconductor development and evaluates supply chain opportunities for the Indian semiconductor industry.

FAQ 2: Who hosted the IESA 2-day summit on battery manufacturing and supply chain?

Answer: The IESA hosted the 2-day summit on battery manufacturing and supply chain.

FAQ 3: Where did the IESA 2-day summit take place?

Answer: The IESA 2-day summit took place in Hyderabad.

FAQ 4: What are the issues discussed at the IESA summit?

Answer: Issues discussed at the IESA summit include manufacturing and supply-chain logistics in the ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) sector. It also likely covered aspects related to the startup ecosystem in the semiconductor industry.

FAQ 5: How is Telangana relevant to the electronics and battery manufacturing industry?

Answer: Telangana, with its capital Hyderabad, is establishing itself as a center for electronics manufacturing. It is a major IT hub and is now gaining recognition for its contribution to the electronics and battery manufacturing industry.

FAQ 6: What is being done to promote the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India?

Answer: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Delhi is taking the initiative to drive the EV revolution in India, with industry bodies like IESA likely contributing through summits and discussions on related topics such as battery manufacturing and supply chains.

FAQ 7: What does the summit imply for the future of the semiconductor industry in India?

Answer: The summit indicates that there is a concerted effort to boost the semiconductor industry in India, focusing on supply chain management, design, and manufacturing facilities. It also highlights the goal to increase domestic value addition in electronics manufacturing.

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