III MEF participates in Resolute Dragon 23 Field Training Exercise

III MEF participates in Resolute Dragon 23 Field Training Exercise

The III Marine Expeditionary Force has begun participation in the Resolute Dragon 23 field training exercise, a bilateral exercise with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The exercise aims to enhance command, control, and multi-domain maneuver capabilities, as well as demonstrate the ability to deter and counter threats in the first island chain. Approximately 3,300 Marines and Sailors will contribute to the exercise, which will include live fire exercises and airfield damage repair training. The exercise will be held across multiple locations in Japan until October 31.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Resolute Dragon?

A: Resolute Dragon is a field training exercise.

Q: Who participates in Resolute Dragon?

A: III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) participates in Resolute Dragon.

Q: What is III MEF?

A: III MEF stands for III Marine Expeditionary Force, which is a unit of the United States Marine Corps.

Q: When did the latest Resolute Dragon take place?

A: The latest Resolute Dragon exercise mentioned in the search results took place from December 4 to 16.

Q: Where did the Resolute Dragon exercise occur?

A: The search results do not provide specific information about the location of the Resolute Dragon exercise.

Please note that the search results do not provide detailed information about Resolute Dragon, so additional research may be needed for a more comprehensive understanding of the exercise.