"India a partner that expanded BRICS can count on": Smriti Irani at Davos

"India a partner that expanded BRICS can count on": Smriti Irani at Davos

India's Union Minister Smriti Irani has stated that India is a reliable partner for the recently expanded BRICS alliance. Irani emphasized that India does not use its supply chains for geopolitical or economic interests. She highlighted India's role in the global supply chain, citing its support to other countries during the pandemic by becoming a major exporter of PPE kits. Irani expressed confidence that BRICS can depend on India as a partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"India a partner that expanded BRICS can count on" - Smriti Irani at Davos

Q1: Who stated that India is a partner that expanded BRICS can count on?

A1: Smriti Irani, India's Minister of Women and Child Development, made the statement at the Davos Summit.

Q2: What is BRICS?

A2: BRICS is an acronym representing an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Q3: What was the context of Smriti Irani's statement about India and BRICS?

A3: Smriti Irani addressed the Davos Summit, emphasizing India's role and reliability as a partner within the expanded BRICS grouping. The specifics of the context were not detailed in the search results.

Q4: When did Smriti Irani speak at the Davos Summit?

A4: The date of Smriti Irani speaking at the Davos Summit was not explicitly mentioned in the search results, but references from the links indicate that discussions about Davos and BRICS took place around Dec 11, 2023, and into early 2024.

Q5: Has India made any significant contributions to the BRICS grouping?

A5: Yes, India has backed the operationalization of key initiatives within the BRICS grouping, although specific contributions were not listed in the search results.

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