India slowly taking export market share from China, study shows

India slowly taking export market share from China, study shows

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FAQs: India Slowly Taking Export Market Share from China - The Economic Times

FAQs: India Slowly Taking Export Market Share from China - The Economic Times

1. Is India gaining market share in exports compared to China?

Yes, according to a recent study highlighted by The Economic Times, India is slowly taking export market share from China, particularly in electronics exports for markets such as the UK and the US.

2. What incentives is the Indian government offering to increase exports?

Although the specific incentives have not been detailed in the excerpts provided, the Indian government generally offers various trade incentives to boost exports, such as subsidies, tax exemptions, and export promotion schemes designed to attract businesses and promote international trade.

3. How significant is the increase in India's market share?

The articles provided do not offer specific figures regarding the increase in India's export market share. To get precise information on the significance of the increase, one would need to read the full articles or access the study directly.

4. What are the main products in which India is taking over the market share from China?

The main products mentioned include electronics, but comprehensive details would require an in-depth look at the article or study.

5. What is the current status of India-China trade relations?

According to the information available, India-China trade reached USD 135.98 billion in 2022. However, this trade also saw a trade deficit exceeding USD 100 billion for India for the first time. This indicates a complex trade relationship, with India importing more from China than it exports.

India's growing export presence, particularly in Western markets like the US and Europe, suggests strengthening trade relations with these regions. India's increase in exports, such as becoming Europe’s largest supplier of refined fuels, can lead to diversified trade partnerships and reduced reliance on specific economies.

7. Has India made inroads into any specific regions' markets traditionally dominated by China?

Yes, India has been making inroads into American and European markets, where "Made-in-India" products are being increasingly preferred over "Made-in-China" goods.

For more detailed answers or additional questions, please refer to the complete articles and study on The Economic Times website and other sources provided.