India, US agree to step up cooperation on semiconductors, supply ...

India, US agree to step up cooperation on semiconductors, supply ...

India and the US have agreed to strengthen cooperation in supply chain, semiconductors, pharma, critical minerals, and energy. The review of the India-US CEO Forum highlighted the commitment of industry leaders to expand bilateral commercial ties. Concrete initiatives will be announced at the next CEO Forum meeting in early 2024. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, encouraged industry to leverage platforms like the semiconductor supply chain and innovation partnership. The Forum, co-chaired by N Chandrasekaran and James Taiclet, serves as an advisory private sector body to the India-US Commercial Dialogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions about India-U.S. Cooperation on Semiconductors and Supply Chains

Q: Have India and the US agreed to enhance cooperation on semiconductors and supply chain issues?

A: Yes, India and the US have agreed for closer engagement and cooperation on supply chain issues, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, critical minerals, and other areas.

Q: What was the purpose of the joint statement from India and the United States?

A: According to a joint statement from India and the United States, the two countries share a vision of secure and trusted telecommunications, resilient supply chains, and global digital inclusion. This is part of an effort to enhance bilateral cooperation on a range of strategic issues.

Q: What are some key pillars of the India-U.S. partnership as reported?

A: The pillars of the India-U.S. partnership include technology, trust, and diaspora, with additional focus on semiconductor supply chains, space, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Q: Has there been a specific memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed regarding semiconductors?

A: Yes, an MoU on the Semiconductor Supply Chain and Innovation Partnership has been mentioned, which was followed by Micron's planned semiconductor investment in India.

Q: What is the investment by Micron Technology Inc. in India?

A: Micron Technology Inc. has decided to invest $825 million to build new facilities in India as part of the cooperation between India and the US on semiconductor supply.

Q: Are the US and India closing any disputes recently?

A: Yes, it was reported that the US and India have closed their last WTO (World Trade Organization) dispute and are working together to build resilient global semiconductor supply chains.

Q: How is the US responding to China's advancements in semiconductors?

A: The US has imposed curbs on selling microchips and chip-making equipment to China. US companies are required to stop supplying Chinese chipmakers with equipment that can create advanced semiconductor chips.

Q: What were President Biden's remarks regarding the US-China relationship?

A: President Biden called for a stable US-China relationship and discussed securing global supply chains during his visit to Southeast Asia.

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