Introducing Traqo's Advanced Planning Features for Logistics

Introducing Traqo's Advanced Planning Features for Logistics

In the fast-paced world of logistics, efficient planning is the key to success. Traqo, a leading transportation management system, introduces its advanced planning features designed to optimize and streamline logistics operations.

1. Route Planning:

Optimizing routes is crucial for timely deliveries and cost savings. With Traqo's route planning feature, users can:

  • Optimize Complex Routes: Plan your routes based on various parameters such as pitstops, fuel savings, fuel rates, and toll charges.

Visualize Optimum Routes: Get a live map view with traffic updates to determine the exact ETA. This ensures that you choose the most efficient route, taking into account real-time traffic conditions.

Route Planning Visualization

2. 3D Load Optimization:

Maximizing vehicle utilization is essential for profitability. Traqo's 3D load optimization feature allows users to:

  • Plan Deliveries: Organize your load based on delivery priority. This ensures that the most critical deliveries are loaded first and delivered on time.

Maximize Vehicle Utilization: With the 3D visualization, you can efficiently pack your vehicle, ensuring that space is used optimally and reducing the number of trips required.

3D Load Optimization


Traqo continues to innovate and provide solutions tailored for the logistics industry. With features like route planning and 3D load optimization, Traqo ensures that logistics operations are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Embrace the future of logistics with Traqo's advanced planning features.

For more details and to explore other features, visit Traqo's official wiki.