iPhone may click with Titan, Murugappa

iPhone may click with Titan, Murugappa

Apple has lost its global leadership in phones to Samsung as iPhone shipments drop, according to a report. The company is focusing on building a presence in India, with iPhone output hitting $14 billion. Ather is looking to break TVS and Ola's e-scooter dominance, while companies are strategizing to sustain productivity this summer. The Iran-Israel conflict will impact India's trade.

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FAQs: iPhone may click with Titan, Murugappa - The Economic Times

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. FAQ: Is Titan involved with iPhone manufacturing?

Answer: Nothing in the provided search results explicitly states that Titan is involved with iPhone manufacturing. Titan is a part of the Tata Group, which has been linked to iPhone production in India due to Tata's potential collaboration with iPhone manufacturers in Hosur. However, specific details on Titan's involvement are not provided.

2. FAQ: How does the Murugappa Group relate to iPhone production?

Answer: The search results do not provide any direct information linking the Murugappa Group to iPhone production. However, the link that mentions Shenoy, who is now working for the Murugappa Group, suggests an individual from this conglomerate had past entrepreneurial experience, but it does not indicate a connection to iPhone manufacturing or Apple.

3. FAQ: What are the challenges for iPhone production in India?

Answer: The Economic Times mentions that the dream for 'Make in India' is still distant at Tata's iPhone plant in Hosur. It implies that there are existing challenges or that full-scale manufacturing akin to other countries hasn't been realized yet. Specific challenges, however, are not detailed in the search results provided.

Answer: According to a tweet by Bill Gates dating back to 2018, he expresses optimism about India's future and mentions investing again in the country's leading impact venture. However, this does not directly relate to iPhone production or investments by companies like Titan or the Murugappa Group.

Answer: The link to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) news updates mentions an EV partnership with Honda but does not specifically discuss new developments surrounding Titan or Murugappa Group in this regard.

6. FAQ: What does the Economic Times say about the future of the Indian economy and business?

Answer: While specific articles or reports from The Economic Times concerning Titan and iPhone production aren't detailed in the search results, there are mentions of India's economic future. For instance, a McKinsey & Company report discusses India's economic agenda to spur growth and jobs, though it does not directly relate to the iPhone or the companies in question.

Please note that the absence of direct links providing explicit information about the specific integration of Titan and Murugappa Group with iPhone production means these FAQs are derived from the broader context of available links and may not fully reflect the realities of their business activities without more detailed sources.