It makes sense to make in India and service other markets from here: Elie Chaillot, president & CEO, GE He

It makes sense to make in India and service other markets from here: Elie Chaillot, president & CEO, GE He

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FAQ about Elie Chaillot and 'Make in India' Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Elie Chaillot and 'Make in India' Initiative

1. Who is Elie Chaillot?

Elie Chaillot is the President & CEO of GE Healthcare, a multinational company operating in the healthcare sector with business and operations in more than 100 countries. He was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Wipro GE Healthcare.

2. What has been Elie Chaillot's recent move concerning 'Make in India' for global markets?

Elie Chaillot has been part of the Wipro-GE Healthcare's plans to invest Rs 8000 crore in the 'Make in India for the Global Market' initiative. This investment demonstrates a commitment to manufacturing in India and servicing other markets from the country.

3. What is Chaillot's outlook on export growth for 2024 from India?

Elie Chaillot has indicated that the export growth from India for 2024 will likely be led by the PLI (Production-Linked Incentive) and 'Make In India' schemes, according to a headline mentioned on The Economic Times website.

4. What potential does Elie Chaillot see in India for GE Healthcare?

Elie Chaillot sees India as a high-priority growth market with the potential to significantly contribute to GE Healthcare's global operations.

5. Has there been any personnel change at Wipro GE Healthcare to support growth?

Yes, apart from appointing Elie Chaillot to the Board of Directors, Wipro GE Healthcare announced the appointment of Shishir Gupta as the Head of Growth and Strategic Initiatives for South Asia.

6. What is Chaillot's aim for India's export revenues?

Chaillot aims for India's export revenues to double those from the domestic market, indicating a strong focus on expanding India's role as a manufacturing hub for global markets.

While the provided links don't directly address global economic trends, it can be inferred from Elie Chaillot's investment and growth strategy that the 'Make in India' initiative aligns with a broader push for diversifying manufacturing bases and tapping into emerging markets to drive international business expansion.

Please note that the mentioned content points to specific dates, and the context may have evolved since those publications. To get more recent updates or a more in-depth understanding of the 'Make in India' initiative and GE Healthcare's investments, you might want to search the latest articles or press releases from GE Healthcare or economic analyses on the current state of India's manufacturing sector.