Japan, U.S. in talks to bolster hydrogen supply chain together

Japan, U.S. in talks to bolster hydrogen supply chain together

Japan and the U.S. are working together to boost hydrogen energy and reduce costs for producers. Prime Minister Kishida and President Biden will discuss clean energy at their upcoming summit in Washington. The leaders are set to launch a cabinet-level dialogue on the issue. Nikkei Asia is rebranding as the voice of the Asian Century.

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FAQ: Japan, U.S. in talks to bolster hydrogen supply chain together - Nikkei Asia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Japan and the U.S. discussing in regard to hydrogen energy?

Answer: Japan and the U.S. are discussing joint efforts to promote hydrogen energy and bolster related supply chains together.

2. What is the goal of Japan and U.S. cooperation on hydrogen energy?

Answer: The goal is to lower costs and promote the use of hydrogen energy in an effort to enhance energy security and combat climate change.

3. Are there any other countries involved in building supply chains for hydrogen and ammonia with Japan and the U.S.?

Answer: The information provided does not explicitly mention other countries being involved in building supply chains with Japan and the U.S., but there is a mention of Japan and South Korea working together on a supply chain for hydrogen and ammonia in other contexts.

4. Why is hydrogen important for the energy sector?

Answer: Hydrogen is considered a clean source of energy that, when used in fuel cells, emits only water vapor and no greenhouse gases. It has the potential to play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and advancing clean energy transitions.

5. Have Japan and the U.S taken any concrete steps toward strengthening their supply chain strategies?

Answer: The links do not provide detailed information on specific steps taken, but there is a reference to discussions on joint efforts. The U.S. has also shown commitment to strengthen manufacturing capacity for critical goods and recruiting and training workers as part of supply chain resilience.

6. How does the cooperation on hydrogen supply chain fit within the broader international relations context?

Answer: Cooperation on the hydrogen supply chain between Japan and the U.S. aligns with broader strategies to improve investment climates, support resilient supply chains, and can be seen as a counter to China's influence over Asian economies.

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